Why did you consider executive coaching?

I felt like I was the barrier to things getting better, I was the biggest thing stopping improvement.

What were your expectations?

I wanted to become aware, I was aware of affect change and wanted to work through my ideas with somebody who would challenge me.

Any surprises?

Because it is a gradual process, it is hard to see any surprises and changes. But I guess the initial change in the first two weeks I was surprised with.

What have been the benefits for you?

Again, because it is a gradual process, it is hard to say what if it hadn’t happened. It is definitely safe to say we wouldn’t be as stable as a company as we are now and we probably wouldn’t have grown so much.

What have you noticed to be the greatest impact from having executive coaching?

My own self confidence, I have learnt to cut myself some slack.

Would you recommend it to other people?

Yes I would, but I think it is something someone has to do for themselves, they have to want to do it.

Has it helped with your overall sense of wellbeing?


What did you like most about the executive coaching process?

Even if you think that you have nothing to discuss, you will end up going on a rant and you are able to uncover what is really going on opposed to just surface level. Exec coaching is great at uncovering what is really going on.

Is there anything you think is essential to ensure a good coaching relationship?

I have known Jaqui for a while now, I think you need to have a level of mutual respect, I value her opinion.

Did you find any part of the process difficult?

Being completely honest – warts and all.

How frequently would you recommend having coaching sessions?

Depends on what you want to achieve, it’s like needing a holiday, after having one you are okay for a while but by the time next one comes around you are ready.

For how long do you think each session should last?

Maximum two-three hours.

What, in your words, makes a good coach?

Respect, someone who knows what they are talking about and honesty.

When would you recommend a person to have coaching?

When they start running out of ideas and haven’t got a plan.

Is it important to have actions to complete after each session?

Not for me, I value it more on a subconscious level.

Do you have any specific comments you would like to make about Jaqui as a coach?

I really rate her as a person, she’s a fighter and she’s carved her own way.


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